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Cleaning Products Proved Effective in Dental Practices are now Available for Cleaning Your Home

Chemical disinfectants have many adverse health effects, especially on those exposed to them very frequently but bacteria based ‘probiotic’ cleaning products are now considered to be more effective than chemical disinfectants in even the most challenging environments.

Chemical disinfectants were compared to bacteria-based alternatives in a dental clinic at the University Dental Hospital Sharjah (UDHS), UAE. Surfaces in a number of dental clinics were cleaned using regular chemical disinfectants then swabbed, whilst similar surfaces in other clinics were cleaned and swabbed with a bacteria-based cleaning product based upon Bacillus bacteria.

Over a three week period the swabs were used to grow bacteria colonies onto selective culture media for colony counting to compare surfaces cleaned with the probiotic solution compared to those obtained from the same surfaces cleaned with the regular chemical solutions.

It was clear from the results that probiotic-based sanitation had stronger effect on surface pathogens compared to conventional disinfectants. The counts of harmful bacteria were significantly reduced from almost all the surfaces in the dental clinic as Bacillus replaced the pathogenic bacteria by competing with them for space and nutrition in a process of competitive exclusion.

The conclusions is that Bacillus based cleaning was effective in limiting bacterial growth in different parts of the dental clinic, and that this advantage would transfer into all other environments. Clean Living’s biological cleaning products offer these same advantages to all home owners; more effective cleaning from environmentally friendly formulations.

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