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On A Mission

When we created Clean Living International we set out on a mission to empower individuals to make a positive environmental impact by;

  • Reducing the disposal of plastic bottles
  • Stopping the use of toxic cleaning products
  • Reducing CO2 emissions

Our growing Ambassador network and customer base is Clean Living offers a better alternative;

  • We ship recyclable sachets of concentrate which should be poured into our aluminium bottles and topped up with tap water. Plastic bottles carrying cleaning products are becoming thing of the past…
  • Our products rely on live bacteria to provide a healthy clean similar to the way live bacteria are put into probiotic drinks to make us healthy. Toxic, dangerous cleaning chemicals are becoming a thing of the past…
  • The CO2 emissions related to Clean Living products are dramatically lower than those related traditional cleaning. Small, lightweight sachets sent direct to your home replace bottles 98% filled with water.

Single Use Plastics

More than a billion plastic bottles made to carry cleaning products are disposed of in the UK every year. That’s nuts. Only 10% are recycled meaning 90% are either buried in landfill, incinerated or end up in the sea. Clean Living’s aluminium bottles can be used time and time again, and each recyclable sachet represents one bottle that doesn’t end up in the air, in the ground or in the sea.


Healthy, Natural Cleaning

We’ve become sensitised to the hazardous warning signs on the back a bottle of Domestos and inclined to accept that these toxic products are a necessary evil if we want to keep our homes clean. They’re not. They kill all the good bacteria making it easier for bad bacteria to make your surfaces their home. Clean Living’s alternative allows you build a healthy microbiome complete with useful, healthy bacteria rather than using products to kill any living things they come into contact with. 


Less CO2

It feels crazy shipping bottles filled 2% with really nasty chemicals and 98% water around the country when we all have the water on tap in our homes! Clean Living ship you concentrates which you top up with tap water…savings all the CO2 emitted when heavy bottles are shipped from factory to warehouse to distribution centre to supermarket and finally on to your home. The CO2 reduction is significant…and that’s without even taking into account the CO2 that is emitted in the manufacture of a plastic bottle!

Become an Ambassador

If you want to know more about becoming an Ambassador, join one of our Discovery Zooms with Sue Caldwell to find out more.